Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Feminist War on Women

It’s increasingly clear that when people say they’re pro-choice, they don’t actually mean they’re in favour of choice. They’re merely pro-abortion. And if women have to be coerced into having abortions, that’s fine with them.

Even if the woman is coerced into an abortion by her boyfriend, that’s still fine. Despite all the feminist rhetoric about women having control of their own fertility, if it’s a matter of getting that baby aborted then it’s OK for a man to pressure a woman into doing it.

And as for offering women the choice of adoption, that’s clearly totally unacceptable. At least it is for Planned Parenthood where they’ve succeeded in almost eliminating that choice altogether.

Of course feminists understand that the great danger of giving women choices is that they might make politically incorrect ones. Feminists are determined to prevent that from happening. Why do women need to bother about making choices when the feminist sisterhood is happy to make their decisions for them.

The brutal truth is that feminists despise women. Women have an unfortunate tendency to want to be female, whereas if they’d only listen to the feminists they’d realise that what they should be doing is concentrating on becoming men. It’s not the “patriarchy” that treats women as second-class citizens, it’s the feminists.

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