Tuesday, January 10, 2012

abortion is so empowering

Just when I think that nothing can shock me any longer, along comes Merle Hoffman. Hoffam founded the Choices abortion clinic in Queens, New York. Interviewed in Salon on the subject of abortion she says, "Let’s agree this is a life form, a potential life; you’re terminating it. You don’t have to argue that abortion stops a beating heart. It does."

But although she's agrees that abortion means taking a life she's in favour of it because it, “The act of abortion positions women at their most powerful." So apparently the way to empower women is to encourage them to kill.

She goes on to say that, "Abortion is as American as apple pie." And she tells us that, “With my choice I was fighting for the right of all women to define abortion as an act of love: love for the family one already has, and just as important, love for oneself. I was fighting to reclaim abortion as a mother’s act.” Well there's certainly no doubt about the love for oneself part of that.

So at least now we know how pro-abortion activists really think.

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