Sunday, December 25, 2011

political correctness and popular culture

One of the problems of bring a recovered leftist is that one finds oneself completely cut off from contemporary popular culture. I just can’t watch modern Hollywood movies or modern television any more. The relentless pushing of the politically correct agenda, of the gay agenda, of the cultural relativist agenda, just gets too annoying.

On the other hand one of the few good things about this wretched century is that it’s not necessary to watch any of this garbage. There are so many old movies and old TV shows available on DVD that it’s possible to cut oneself off entirely from the world of today. Which is what I find myself doing more and more.

And thanks to the internet it’s also possible to find other alternatives. Books that tell the truth about nonsense like climate change and other leftist ideologies, books that expose the lies of the Left, are easily obtainable.

Websites and blogs (like the excellent Oz Conservative blog) provide another means of retaining one’s sanity. Although of course it’s only a matter of time before the Left starts cracking down on such alternatives. Already we’re seeing censorship by stealth of old books - new editions of many books from the past are being censored to remove passages that are deemed to be culturally insensitive. This Orwellian practice is one of the more worrying manifestations of the Left’s determination to enforce political correctness.

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