Monday, December 12, 2011

Keith Windschuttle's The Killing of History

In The Killing of History Keith Windschuttle takes aim at the various silly French intellectual fads that have been infesting our universities in the last few decades and that have been such a blight on our intellectual life.

The structuralists, the semioticians, the post-structuralists, the postmodernists and the rest of this motley crew of pseudo-intellectual frauds are demolished one by one. Windschuttle examines case histories of attempts by these charlatans to replace the traditional academic discipline of the professional historian with politically correct fantasies.

The growth of travesties such as cultural studies is steadily undermining the intellectual foundations on which our civilisation is built. It’s another example of the increasingly self-destructive nature of our beleaguered civilisation.

Windschuttle’s masterly hatchet job has, predictably, enraged the cultural Marxists and their fellow travellers. All the more reason to read this important book.

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