Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Fabrication of Aboriginal History Vol. 3: The Stolen Generations

One of the most emotionally and politically volatile issues in Australia over the past few decades has been the so-called “stolen generations” - the legend that Australian state governments pursued a policy of genocide against Aboriginal Australians during the first half of the twentieth century. This has led to an orgy of white liberal guilt and has now become accepted dogma in our leftist-dominated universities.

In his monumental and exceptionally thorough The Fabrication of Aboriginal History Vol. 3: The Stolen Generations Keith Winschuttle comprehensively demolishes this theory.

According to the theory thousands of Aboriginal children were forcibly removed from their parents as part of a grand scheme to destroy their sense of Aboriginal identity and thus to destroy the Aboriginal race. The self-flagellating academics of the Left have tried to paint this as being a crime equivalent to the Holocaust.

He points out that the numbers cited by leftist historians simply don’t add up. The institutions to which the children were supposedly sent could have housed no more than a fraction of the numbers usually cited. Statements by various government officials have been taken out of context. Evidence that contradicts the Stolen Generations theory has been ignored or suppressed.

In fact small numbers of children were removed from their families and put into care, for exactly the same reasons that white children at that time were put into care because they were orphaned, because their parents would not or could not care for them, because they were neglected (often to the point of suffering from malnutrition). Girls were put into care in situations where they were being sexually abused or forced into prostitution.

The policies pursued by state governments from the late 19th century up to the 1960s were sometimes paternalistic and often ineffective due to woefully inadequate funding but on the whole they were motivated by a genuine desire to help Aboriginals. Missionaries and other welfare workers who devoted their lives to helping Aboriginals have in recent years been shamefully defamed by politically motivated attacks on their integrity and their motives.

And of course the Stolen Generations has now become an accepted part of the dogma of Political Correctness in Australia. And this is in a country where political correctness is now legally enforceable.

Needless to say Windschuttle has become the subject of vitriolic attacks by the Left.

It is a terrifying example of the lengths to which leftists and academics (and in Australia if you’re not a leftist your chances of becoming an academic are very very slim) will go in denigrating their own country and their own culture in an orgy of self-loathing combined with self-righteousness. It is an even more terrifying example of the power of the leftist media to turn wild accusations into official dogma.

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